About Me

Wedding & Event Host for Over 30 Years!

Hi, this is DJ Smiley. I understand your wedding day is the most important day of your life and your reception is the most important party of your life. I've been the DJ/MC for over 900 weddings & other parties since 1989. You may also have heard me on radio stations like Hot 107.9, Sunny 98.5 & Island 106. I'd love to be a part of YOUR special day! 

(And YES, I want your help in picking the music!)

Being such a big part of your life is an honor & ensuring YOU & your guests have a great time makes ME have a great time, which is why I find such ENORMOUS satisfaction in what I do.

Call or text me now at 850-258-2258 & get up to $150 OFF with 4 hours for just $495 and 5 hours for just $595 until April 8th!!!


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